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Jo Kross began his early singing at three years old, sharing his gift to audiences in stores, street corners, and everybody around him. Whether they wanted to hear him or not, Jo just couldn’t contain the joy he felt by expressing himself through song.

Prior to birth, doctors diagnosed Jo with severe downs syndrome and suggested to his mother to abort. Though Jo proved the doctors wrong about being a downs baby, he was born with tracheomalacia, a condition in which the throat condenses and collapses as a child breathes, adding anxiety to every breath.  His vocal cords were also paralyzed until the age of three. Jo was so excited to be able to finally have control over the sounds he could make that he was constantly exploring his voice, especially in music.  Jo was able to add more to his musical qualities by learning instruments such as the piano and guitar.

During Jo’s early years of school he was often picked on for his love of music. He was always the one chosen to lead the class for all the birthday sing-a-longs and was the one the music teachers would single out to show others how to get it right. Teachers weren’t even aware how they were indirectly contributing to the bullying by always asking Jo to sing.

The bullying continued to the point that after constant fighting and defending himself, numerous bruises and black eyes, by the start of fifth grade Jo asked to be homeschooled. It was then that the real musical learning started to take place. Jo felt all the walls and ceilings were removed and, at last, he was free to be himself and who he was truly meant to be.

At 15, Jo was chosen to be a forerunning contestant on the final season of American Idol on FOX.  It was his debut on the season’s premier showing of American Idol that Jo made the definite decision to pursue his dream of being a professional musician, eventually writing and producing his own music.

Jo is now a musician, songwriter and producer.  He is also the founder and host of the hot new trending podcast known as Kross Korner.  Kross Korner includes the most raw, in depth, awe inspiring interviews and discussions with some of the biggest stars in the world.

Jo feels that his music connects with many people because of its ability to be fluid.  He drives to have his music take you to that special place, connecting you to the music through its contagious feel and amazing relatability.

In his new EP, Jo Kross really lets it out.  Teaming with Yukmouth and Numskull, together as the Luniz, and AP.9 (from the Mob Figaz), “Bad For Me – EP” paints a picture of a torturous relationship Jo knows would be suicide to leave.

The Cincinnati native fires off his undeniable talent into the music scene with a climatic and piercing presence.  Bringing in his unique production and emotive songwriting skills, Jo brings to light the real rawness of loving an unhealthy obsession.

Joining with Jo is the Grammy nominated and platinum recording group the Luniz. Starting in the streets of Oakland, the Luniz have enjoyed over two decades of intense success in the music industry, either through their hit singles “I Got 5 On It” and “Stomp”, or their numerous famed collaborations with major artists such as E-40, Tech N9ne, and Snoop Dogg.

This power duo still smashes everything they put out. Not to forget Yukmouth’s success in his personal career through albums like “Thugged Out”, “JJ Based On A Vill Story”, and “18k: The Golden Era”. In the song from which the EP got its name, “Bad For Me”, The Luniz share their dirt and tell of their intimate experiences of relationships gone bad.

Also on the EP is AP.9, a former member of the Mob Figaz (before The Jacka was shot and killed, for whom AP.9 later wrote an album) and a well-established artist on his own. AP.9 was also notoriously known for having an affair with Ice-T’s wife, Coco Austin. AP.9 has many hits in the hip-hop and rap communities with albums such as B*tch Killa, On Tha Block, and of course, 94th and Jack, dedicated to his fellow Mob Figaz member The Jacka.

On “Bad For Me – EP”, AP.9 tag teams with Jo on “My Head Or My Heart” in a unique mix of sweat and soul, igniting the struggles of the past with the present. In this song, Jo shows his double-mindedness of wanting to live with something he’s certain would be the death of him. A question that haunts all of us today, do we follow our head or our heart?

In all its elements, “Bad For Me – EP” is a major sensation blazing on to the music scene, promising an unforgettable legacy and hooks that’ll never get out of your head.

All of this, and Jo Kross’ best is still ahead.

Jo is looking to bring everyone along on his journey, teaming with all of his fans to create an unstoppable community, an atmosphere of intense freedom, and an art never seen before.





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