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Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jo Kross began singing at the tender age of 3 giving personal concerts to all who’d hear.  His musical passion really seemed to ignite at 13 while doing solos and singing in a choir. Jo was on the final season of American Idol on FOX.  It was his filming of the season’s premier showing of American Idol that Jo made the definite decision to pursue his dream of being a professional musician writing and producing his own music.

Jo is now a musician, songwriter and producer.  He is also the founder and host of the hot new trending podcast known as “Kross Korner” which is partnered with Star Worldwide Networks.  Kross Korner gives rare insight into the industries of music, fashion, art, culture and more.  Some of the biggest stars in the music, fashion and entertainment industries.  Kross Korner includes the most raw, in depth, awe inspiring interviews and discussions with some of the biggest stars in the world.

Kross Korner through the partnership of Star Worldwide Networks and its founder world famous radio personality Dave Pratt entertains 10 million plus listeners along with 1 million plus opt-in emails.

He also launched his clothing line “Kross Apparel” in fall of 2017. Starting 2018, Jo plans to launch his new “Kross Gear” clothing line.  This line is for those people who choose a healthy lifestyle with sports gear that is for all to wear.

Jo feels that his music connects with many people because of its ability to be fluid.  Being a musician, writing and producing his own music,  he drives to have his music take you to that special place connecting you to the music through its feel and amazing relatability.  Jo has enjoyed making pop music, adding a flare of R&B, soul, or alternative to his songs.

What drives it all is his passion for entertainment, art, and media that is constantly developing and redefining itself. Jo’s main goal throughout his journey has been to uplift and connect with people, whether through song, fashion or podcasts, as a means to redefine our attitudes, lifestyles, and our overall approach to what’s ahead.

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